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Tips on building your Q&A community

1. Creating a new community

You can use your Q&A community for…

  • Customer support
  • Experiment lab: Develop new ideas & get feedback
  • Social hub: Encourage discussions with your customers
  • General: Answer questions which are not on your faq.

'Thank' button

Members can show their appreciation to whoever's answered their question by clicking on the thank button.

Social integration feature

Share questions and answers through Twitter and Facebook as this will allow your followers and fans to participate and join your Q&A community.

The best online communities are open

Avoid excessive moderation and be honest.

Your community's purpose
Successful online communities have a clearly defined purpose and vision. It doesn't have to be too serious, but a specific and relevant mission statement can help guide your members and therefore grow your Q&A community.

Guidelines & Etiquette
Establish some guidelines and online community etiquette right from the start. This will foster a certain level of trust and respect amongst members. Just keep the rules fair, you don't want to put any one off from using the community.

Roles - humanise your Q&A community
Get people in your company to contribute by overseeing particular topics and offering official answers to questions. Their profiles can perhaps be linked to the 'meet the team' page of your website so members know who they are and what they do.

2. Promoting your community


Add snippets and links to latest questions on your homepage to draw people to your Q&A community section. You can easily add an 'ask us' or 'feedback' widget too, so users can easily ask questions when they're on any part of the main website.

3. Moderating your community

Dealing with negative customer feedback
This is an inevitable part of business and these days unhappy customers will post on social networks, review sites and any other forum. The advantage of your own Q&A community is the opportunity it gives you to actively join in that conversion with your customers. Furthermore an effective direct response can possibly turnaround a bad situation and increase customer loyalty. More on moderation here.